The Big Chair Show – Live Heavy Rock for Your Tribe

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Music transcends differences and unites people from all walks of life. Everyone is welcome to The Big Chair Show – a FREE showcase of awesome bands whose music is on the heavier side.

In The Fastlane Records are teaming up with Tribe Clubhouse to bring you four Queensland bands – Call the Mourning, Tomohung, Aether and Pyrokinesis – and the headliners Allocer from Western Australia, for one big night of headbanging fun.

Leigh Robertson, owner of In The Fastlane Records, said The Big Chair Show featured bands that had been part of the Australian music scene for years.

“I’m grateful these bands accepted the invitation to play,” Leigh said. “It will be an exciting night jam-packed full of fun and great music.

“Allocer are all the way from Perth and have been ripping up stages and turning heads over there.

“I’ve watched most of these bands grow over the years and know this show will be a huge success.”

Leigh also said that he was grateful to Ryan Elson, founder of Tribe Clubhouse and Tribe Social Belonging, for providing a great venue as music had an important place in the lives of many people. 

“Ryan Elson has turned the venue into a thriving hub for bands and I’m grateful to organise shows there,” Leigh said. “I play in a band and to have a place to play and share your creativity means a lot.

“Music has helped me through many hard times, even at the early ages when I became infatuated with Alice Cooper.

“Most of us remember our first live show or concert and that’s what I want to bring as a promoter and event manager.”

Ryan and the friendly team at Tribe ensure everyone feels safe and can relax and be themselves in the knowledge they are truly accepted and embraced.

Come along, look for the infamous Big Red Chair and rock out to the powerhouse sounds of sensational bands in a place where everyone is made to feel welcome. Bring friends or come find some – just don’t miss this great night.

For more information search ‘The Big Chair Show’ online at

The Big Chair Show

  • Friday, 19 July, 6pm-late
  • Tribe Clubhouse
  • 457 Oxley Ave, Redcliffe.

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