Come along and check out the fantastic seaside spot that is Clontarf QLD. If you had to narrow down a description of the suburb to just a couple of words, it would be “easy-breezy”. Located across the Houghton Highway from Brighton, Clontarf is your convenient entry point to the scenic Moreton Bay Peninsula. It is located just 33 minutes drive from Brisbane CBD.

Clontarf QLD is the perfect area for families and beach-lovers in general. It’s also ideal for those seeking a slice (or more) of increasingly rarified coastal real estate (yes, there are still houses for sale) located just outside of Greater Brisbane’s confines. As a local writer, it’s easy to attest to this. Behind every suburb profile on this site, you’ll find insider information from a real-life resident of the area. Let‘s begin by showing you why moving to, or simply getting to know Clontarf, is such a wonderful thing to do.

Clontarf at a Glance

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