Australian Supercross Championship Returns to Kayo Stadium

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Written By Patricia Higgins

Following an explosive teaser that left fans and the general public breathless, Australian Supercross is set to make a spectacular return to the Moreton Bay region. 

The Fox Australian Supercross Championship will be back at Kayo Stadium in October after a five-year hiatus and a world-first stunt performed on Redcliffe Jetty in early June. 

According to Australian Supercross Championship Managing Director Kelly Bailey, supercross events have so much to offer in terms of entertainment, with new fans of the sport always encouraged. 

“A supercross event delivers an adrenaline-pumping display of roaring engines, soaring jumps and intense competition, with an electrifying atmosphere that captivates every spectator – it’s family-friendly and so much more than just a race,” Ms Bailey said.

Lucky spectators got an eye-popping preview during an early morning in June when FMX stunt person Harry Bink flawlessly executed a double backflip manoeuvre in a very surprising and potentially dangerous setting. 

Speaking of the experience of performing a stunt on the jetty, Mr Bink said, “It was phenomenal,” with the unique surface offering a thrilling new challenge, both as a world-first and a personal accomplishment.

“Being on the jetty, I felt like I was three times higher than normal – it is an epic location, and I have never felt so alive,” Mr Bink said.

Mr Bink said he was excited about training for the Australian Supercross Championship, emphasising the importance of both physical and mental fortitude. 

“I need to remain as calm as possible and staying physically fit is very important — as is riding as much as possible,” Mr Bink said. 

Kayo Stadium’s top-notch facilities will only enhance the exhilaration, with great viewing for fans provided by the venue’s rectangular shape and size (allowing a full-sized world-class track). 

“The stadium itself has a variety of corporate facilities, open-air spaces, and seating options, meaning we can provide tiered experiences to cater for everyone,” Ms Bailey said. 

Ms Bailey said she was thrilled to be working with the City of Moreton Bay to deliver the event and encouraged fans to purchase tickets early to avoid any disappointment. 

To secure your tickets, visit 

Australian Supercross Championships (Round 1) 

  • Saturday, 12 October, 5pm-late
  • Kayo Stadium
  • Klingner Road & Ashmole Road, Redcliffe.

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