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Margate QLD is located mid-way between Redcliffe and Woody Point on the beautiful Redcliffe Peninsula – but it’s certainly not a place to drive by or overlook. To do so would mean missing out on idyllic beaches and a boardwalk, spectacular ocean views stretching to Moreton Islands and inviting shops and cafes. Plus, there are plenty of options in real estate to suit families and a variety of uses (including astute investment). 

If you really want to understand the ins-and-outs of any given region, the most helpful tip is to ask a real-life local. We can give you exclusive information on Margate and the neighbourhoods that surround it. That’s because a team of local authors are behind this guide (and others from this publisher). Let’s discuss what Margate, a family-friendly beachside suburb on the Moreton Bay Peninsula, has to offer as a family-friendly and potentially very lucrative real estate hot spot. 

Margate at a Glance   

  • Post code: 4019
  • Local Government: Moreton Bay Regional Council
  • Population: approximately 10,336 people (2021)
  • Location: Approximately 39 km north of the Brisbane CBD
  • Transport: via Oxley Avenue, Anzac Avenue, M1, M3, and M7/Airport Link; Translink public transport service
  • History: In the 1880s, an estate development on the Redcliffe Peninsula was given the name “Margate” and later went on to become one of the area’s suburbs. Throughout time, the area has also been known as “Margate Beach”. The Gubbi Gubbi and Ningi Ningi, who belonged to the Undambi people, lived in what is now known as Margate and they remain the traditional custodians of the land.
  • Shopping: Margate Village Shopping Centre, Margate Handimarket; proximity to Peninsula Fair and Kippa-ring Shopping Centre. 
  • Medical: Margate Medical Centre, Beach Medical Clinic; Dr. Peter Marendy, proximity to Redcliffe Hospital
  • Education: Choice of public and private education providers.
  • Real Estate (renting and buying): Options to suit all budgets.  

Why you Should Move to Margate

At this point, you’ve probably at least thought about moving to Margate and been making searches online such as “houses for sale margate qld”, “real estate margate qld” and “accommodation margate qld”. You are probably now looking for some genuine information on what Margate feels like and how it operates as a place to live. The good news is that really is a blissful little spot, perfect for work and play and giving your kids a quality upbringing.  

With picturesque beaches, plenty of medical facilities, well-known schools (hey, they were good enough for the Bee Gees), cosy cafes and enough modern conveniences that you need not go anywhere else (but you can easily do so if you want to), Margate maintains an unmistakably tight-knit community spirit.  

In this guide, where here to let you in on that and more. In fact, coming from a local writer, this suburb-centric “online handbook” of sorts, aims to give you a real peek at life as a Margate resident. So, let’s get started with a more in-depth look.  

Shops and Restaurants 

For a relatively small suburb in terms of area, Margate has a surprising number of shops, restaurants and hosts a variety of retail operators. The suburb also builds upon a rich legacy of providing iconic and much-loved venues and storefronts, known all around Brisbane and beyond.  

For example, most Google searches of restaurants in Margate are sure to turn up the result “the golden ox restaurant margate” and “dolphin bargain centre margate”. These are two businesses that are no longer in existence or providing quite the same offering but made such an impact on the public that they are still relevant on the Internet today.  

Speaking of reliable types of facilities, Margate is anchored by a Woolworths at Margate Village Shopping Centre. This is as well as 13 other speciality stores and other retailers (including cafes and restaurants) in the close vicinity (including on Baynes Street).  

Local Cafes   

In terms of restaurant and eating establishments, there are plenty to tempt anyone on the regular, and they cater to a variety of tastes and dietary needs. Coffee shops such as Le Cafe Noire, The Old Corner Shoppe, Indigo’s Cafe, Industry and Co (run by people with disabilities in the community), Soul Harvest Whole Foods (also serving vegan and wholesome brunch type food) and Caffeinate (a cute and convenient “hole-in-the-wall” type establishment) make Margate a hot spot for cafe culture.   

Lunch, Dinner and Drinks   

For more filling eats such as lunch and dinner (as well as drinks), you’ll be pleased to learn that old time favourite The Golden Ox is under new ownership and has been transformed into a tavern, which is simply named The Ox. With Google Reviews and word-on-the-street praising the large and tasty meals and the vibing atmosphere make this a standout location for a family meal, a birthday lunch or just any type of catch-up.  

Other restaurants within Margate include Sunny’s Margate Beach (a beautiful spot to make the most of those stunning sunsets, rooftop bar and live entertainment included) and Thai Hut Margate (serving traditional Thai fare with a comfortable ambiance). For the loveliest little wine bar (and other drinks bar) don’t skip past Jumping Goats Bar which is known for its locally sourced tipples and regular live music. Naturally, you can also head into nearby Redcliffe for an abundance of restaurant choices.  

Takeaway Options  

If you’re looking for easy and delicious take-out food, check out Bella Sicilia Pizzeria and Pasta Bar, Rib Witch, Dynasty Chinese Takeaway and Healthy Noodle Bar. If you’re into seafood, you’ve come to the right place. Any online search of “margate fish and chips” will often return the result “margate restaurants seafood lovers cafe margate” and that’s for good reason!  

Margate residents and visitors love a good fish and chip shop, and with plenty of spots on the benches on the boardwalk, on the beach, or on the grass, it’s the ideal way to start a stress-free picnic. Within Margate itself, you’ll find (the aforementioned) Seafood Lovers Cafe, as well as Red Dolphin Seafoods. In many areas on the Peninsula, seafood outlets abound.  

Markets and More   

There are plenty of retailers in Margate to give you a shopping fix, whether the need be for giftware, fashion or arts and crafts. There’s a burgeoning bohemian vibe to be found in this thriving beachside suburb. You just need to know where to look.  

One such location is Revival Green Studio, a haven for fabulous artwork and boutique finds. The studio is known for its art classes and its monthly markets, which brings the sidewalk of Baynes Street to bustling, verdant life. You’ll also find plenty of op shops in the vicinity of Margate Shopping Village. If you’re after more markets don’t miss the Sunday markets in Redcliffe, just a 3 minute drive or short walk or cycle away.  


Let’s look at the statistics and demographics. The median price of a house in Margate (in 2024) was $800,010, while the median price of a unit was $626,000. You may be interested to learn that the average age across the town’s population was 43. Individuals 65 years of age and more comprised 19.6% of the population, while children aged 0 to 14 made up 18.2%. This age-range emphasises the neighbourhood’s appeal to both families and retirees, indicating a relatively quiet atmosphere overall.  

With several older houses still existing in Margate, it might be possible to snap up the perfect family home not far from the beach and nearby all the infrastructure your growing tribe or established household might need. For those looking for something ultra-contemporary, prestige residences are also opening in Margate. Have a look at Nautica by Rogerscorp and Bathers Beachside for just a taste.  


A general Seek query for jobs in and around Margate yields employment opportunities in customer service, hospitality, general administration, client advisory, marketing, ecommerce, education (including childcare) and disability support. This is as well as showing positions for technicians, warehouse workers (and supervisors), and machine operators. 

Margate is region that is characterised by a strong medical sector. This includes its proximity to Redcliffe Hospital. A quick online search of anything to do with “medical” in the suburb returns the terminology “margate medical centre” showing just how important this facility is to the community. This would also indicate that Margate’s medical-related businesses (including dentists, podiatrists and even skin care and beauty clinics) would be a feasible source of work for those in the medical and health care related fields.  


Did you know that one of Margate’s schools is practically famous? Humpybong State School was attended by the Bee Gees in their day, and it remains a favourite primary school with locals today. There are also several institutions that cater to diverse educational needs in the community (including Woody Point Special School). Overall, Margate is well positioned to take advantage of a choice of schools across the Moreton Bay Peninsula region. 

Public schools located in Margate and surrounds:  

  • Humpybong State School: Prep to Year 6.  
  • Clontarf Beach State High School (Clontarf): Year 7 to Year 12. 

Private educational facilities in Margate and nearby:  

  • Southern Cross Catholic College (Scarborough): Prep to Year 6.  
  • Grace Lutheran College (Rothwell): Prep to Year 7.  

There are numerous kindergartens, preschools, and daycare centres within Margate and in the suburb’s vicinity. These include C&K Florence Kindergarten and Preschool and Green Leaves Early Learning Margate.  


As a seaside suburb characterised by beaches, laid back eateries, a stunning boardwalk and many shaded facilities (that often include public BBQs), Margate certainly makes the best use of its prime location. So, it’s good to know that the weather is geared to help you make the most of all that natural and man-made splendour.  

The temperate in Margate in summer averages about 30 °C during the day and in terms of winter, the typical daytime maximum is a very pleasant 20 °C. Margate is akin the rest of Brisbane and areas in nearby South East Queensland (SEQ) in that you can expect a proliferation of clear, sunny days.  

As you might expect, winters barely have you reaching for a proper woolly or fluffy coat (like the sort you’d wear in a Sydney, and certainly a Canberra or Melbourne Winter on the daily). You can also forget ever needing to wear winter gloves or to be encumbered by heavy layers. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to relax all year round.  

Getting There and Around   

You might find it pleasantly surprising that Margate, a tranquil seaside suburb, is only a 35-minute drive (39 km) from Brisbane CBD. And it’s also good to know that you can travel to not only locations in and around Brisbane but also farther south to the Gold Coast and even Byron Bay easily within the day. This is because of Margate’s connection to the M1/Bruce Highway (coming from Clontarf and travelling across the Hornibrook Bridge to enter the motorway at Deagon).  

You can easily head north towards places like Caboolture and the Sunshine Coast via the highway, accessible from North Lakes and Deception Bay. There is easy access to several of Margate’s surrounding communities, such as Scarborough, Redcliffe, Kippa Ring, Woody Point, Clontarf and Rothwell. This is facilitated by the thoroughfare that is Oxley Avenue, plus Anzac Avenue and other main roads.  

How to Get To….

To Brisbane: In Deagon, turn onto M1 from State Route 26 after 12 minutes (12.4 kilometres) from central Margate (passing through Woody Point and Clontarf). Keep going on the M1. To get to Elizabeth Street in Brisbane City, take the M3, Southern Cross Way, and Airport Link (includes tolls for the quickest route). The entire journey should take around 35 minutes.   

To Redcliffe: From wherever you are located specifically in Margate, use the main arterial route that is Oxley Avenue to head north to Redcliffe. The drive takes just 3 minutes! 

To the Sunshine Coast: Take the M1 in Burpengary, which is accessible from Deception Bay Road/State Route 26. You should reach the core Sunshine Coast region in about an hour.   

To the Gold Coast: Just like when heading to Brisbane, travel to Deagon and then take State Route 26. However, when continuing along the M1 make sure to take the exit onto Pacific Motorway/M1 towards Gold Coast (avoid the Brisbane city route). This will incorporate the Gateway, which is a toll road, but is your quickest option. Use exit 69 for State Route 20/Southport Nerang Rd towards Nerang/Surfers Paradise. Although an hour and fifteen minutes is the expected duration for the trip, allow extra time for this kind of lengthy travel. 

Public Transport

Public transport is a great substitute since it provides mobility and convenience without requiring you to possess a vehicle (or you can just keep your car in the garage more often and save on petrol and help the environment). 

To Brisbane: At Kippa Ring station, board the train. It will take around one hour and 15 minutes to arrive at Central Station in Brisbane. 

To Redcliffe: Get on the bus at Margate Village Shopping Centre. Disembark at Anzac Avenue exit at the Redcliffe Museum station. It will take around 15 minutes to get there. 

Use Translink to plan your journey from Margate via public transport. 

Things to do and see around Margate 

In the below section, we will start with the beaches, but we will also show you so much more to Margate, both in terms of its immediate locale and the things to do a little farther away. We get it – you may never tire of the serenity. However, there’s so much to see and do that a little exploration will keep up the excitement for you (and your family) and give you plenty of variety, i.e. the spice of life!  

Local Gems at your Fingertips   

Margate Beach: As mentioned earlier, Margate is colloquially referred to as Margate Beach. This speaks volumes as to one of the suburb’s major drawcards. Margate Beach (incorporating the very scenic and secluded Scotts Point) is a location unto its own and is located toward the adjoining suburb of Woody Point. It paints a very pretty picture, with its serene sandy beaches (great for a dip) and a grassy waterfront park. It also retains the historical 1972 Scotts Point Bathing Pavilion, which is a real point of interest. 

Moreton Bay Cycleway Network: You can hop on your bike (by yourself or with the family) and use one of the cycleways to enjoy the sea breeze. You’ll be in the next locale before you know it. The Peninsula features small suburbs, making it ideal for staying fit, enjoying the outdoors, and witnessing all the sights. You can enjoy the convenience of not having to always use a car (and having to hunt for a park). The cycleway can take you even farther afield than just the Moreton Bay Peninsula, just be sure to check the safety of routes and prepare properly before you head out.  

A Fantastic Weekend Adventure  

Brisbane Entertainment Centre: Catch a world class show or even a sporting spectacular at Brisbane’s premier venue for events and entertainment. The Brisbane Entertainment Centre is located in Boondall, which is only 15 minutes drive from Margate. Even though it’s so close by, you can make a night or a weekend of it by staying at the Brisbane International Virginia or the Chermside Apartments, and delight in having access to a pool, hotel breakfast and more.  

World Expo 88 Art Trail: Take a trip down memory lane and get an idea of (or recall) what Brisbane’s 88 World Expo was all about. You can access artworks, artefacts and landmarks pertinent to World Expo 88 on this self-guided tour. Discover the sights across many areas in Brisbane, including the CBD. It’s something a bit different that can easily take up a weekend for you (and possibly all the family) to enjoy.  

Thinking about other places near Margate? 

Because we’re locals, we have great insider tips on all the suburbs in our ‘hood, and our neighbours are pretty awesome, too.

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Choose Margate for Coastal Cool and So Much More   

Margate offers a cool lifestyle in every sense of the word. With peaceful beaches and equally laid-back residents (plus, a stunning fringe of Norfolk pines that dot the coastline), the suburb easily gives off that feeling of perpetual holiday bliss. Quite simply, it’s a lovely community with all you need to raise a family or take enjoyment in life’s more relaxing activities. Overall, it’s hard to believe that this slice of seaside bliss is located just 35 minutes drive from Brisbane’s CBD!  

Our goal in putting together this suburb profile was to make it easy for you to locate the information you require about your suburb of interest (hey there, lovely Margate)! We hope that this information will enable you to make well-informed decisions regarding where you and your family might want to relocate to (or maybe simply visit). Before you click away, be sure to subscribe to our email list so you won’t miss any crucial subsequent information. 

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