You Can’t Go Past Kippa Ring for Family Convenience

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Kippa Ring QLD is the commercial, retail and financial centre of the beautiful Redcliffe Peninsula. They say all roads lead to Rome but when it comes to the area, Kippa Ring is the heart of it all. Especially when coming from northern suburbs, you literally can’t go past it! This means that the area is expected to maintain strong rental returns, which is great for those looking for a property for investment purposes or to add to their existing portfolio.  

It’s also a fantastic spot for families and people who like to be a short drive to the beach but also enjoy a wealth of amenities at their doorstep. Kippa Ring has not one but two of the Peninsula’s major shopping centres, as well as a cinema (check out Kippa Ring movies), a train station (that connects to Brisbane and beyond), and schools, medical facilities, gyms, and more. 

Did you know that this suburb profile (and others in this series) feature insider information from writers who live in the region? This helps us deliver comprehensive information that you’d be hard pressed to find otherwise. Now let’s get started and discover more about Kippa Ring up close. 

Kippa Ring at a Glance    

  • Postcode: 4021
  • Local Government: Moreton Bay Regional Council
  • Population: an estimated 9,838 people (2023)
  • Location: Approximately 40.4 km north of the Brisbane CBD
  • Transport: via Anzac Avenue, Elizabeth Avenue, State Route 26/Deception Bay Road, Houghton Highway/Ted Smout Memorial Bridge “Hornibrook Bridge”, M1, M3, and M7/Airport Link; Translink public transport service.
  • History: The name “Kippa Ring” comes from the earthen rings that First Nations People used during ritual gatherings, with “Kippa” referring to a young man. Before its removal in 1950 by Council, there was a well-known Ningy Ningy Bora ring structure between Kippa-Ring and Anzac Avenue. It was made up of two distinct rings, one large and the other smaller, connected by a ceremonial route. The name “Kippa Ring” was used for the suburb in 1975, when it became an official town (following status as a pastoral district). The Undambi tribe’s Gubbi Gubbi and Ningy Ningy people, who were the first occupants of what is now Kippa Ring, continue to be the area’s traditional custodians to this day.
  • Shopping: Peninsula Fair, Kippa-ring Shopping Centre, Aldi Kippa Ring.
  • Medical: Moreton Bay Medical Centre, Redcliffe Peninsula Medical Centre, Peninsula Private Hospital; proximity to Redcliffe Hospital.
  • Education: Choice of public and private education providers.
  • Real Estate (renting and buying): Options to suit all budgets.  

Why you Should Move to Kippa-Ring    

Not only is Kippa Ring a suburb well connected to all the amenities you could conceivably need, but it’s also just a 2 minutes drive to the beach and close to a lot of other things to get you and your family excited about. This includes the home of the Redcliffe Dolphins at Kayo Stadium as well as beautiful canals, beaches, and waterfront areas just down the road at Newport, Scarborough, and Redcliffe.  

As mentioned previously, Kippa Ring is a suburb that is expected to attract tenants long into the future. This is due to its central location, which is close to commercial and other facilities and includes proximity to public transport. If you do an online search for “kippa ring station” and “kippa ring train line”, you will see that Kippa Ring is connected to a wide range of suburbs in not only north-Brisbane but also Brisbane inner-city and beyond.   

There’s also a wealth of medical facilities, including Peninsula Private Hospital and Redcliffe Hospital (just over the Kippa Ring border). Any online search of “kippa ring medical centre” and “kippa ring doctors” will return numerous results of GPs, medical centres, and other clinical businesses in the area. All this makes for a lucrative real estate market in Kippa Ring and a great place to reside overall. 

Shops and Restaurants   

If you’ve used Google to search for “kippa ring shops”, you’ll know that the suburb houses a veritable hub of retailers and commercial enterprises. Most shops are located within and around the two main centres in the region: Peninsula Fair and Kippa-ring Shopping Centre.  

You’ll find big names like Kmart, Woolworths, Coles and Dan Murphy’s here, as well as lots of variety shops offering things such as fashion, footwear, jewellery, craft goods, and beauty services. This is as well as your essential needs such as banking, dental, fitness, chemists, and a newsagency.  

There are also food choices on the outskirts of the major shopping centres and across the main roads. These include restaurant establishments Ariala Kippa Ring (which is a buffet style restaurant offering an amazing array of tucker for all the family), Captain Cook Tavern, Guzman y Gomez Kippa Ring, Slim’s Quality Burger, Maple Indian Gourmet, The Coffee Club, and more. 

Fast food needs can be satisfied by Subway, Hungry Jacks, and Aussie Rooster. Remember that it’s just a 2 minute drive into Redcliffe, which caters to so many tastes and types of dining right on the beautiful foreshore. Redcliffe also has its famous Sunday markets, which can allow you to shop for fresh produce and all manner of things while keeping the kids entertained in a beautiful seaside location.  


Now might be the ideal moment to purchase a piece of near-coastal property just outside of Greater Brisbane in Kippa Ring. The suburb is also an excellent spot to invest, with a respectable average number of homes and apartments available. Given the current high cost of property, Kippa Ring’s median house price of $735,000 is a terrific deal, especially when you consider the area’s coveted lifestyle and connectivity to major roads, motorways, and public transport. 

With strong growth and stable rental returns, Kippa Ring is pretty much a sure bet when it comes to housing. It’s also a great place to secure a rental property, as it’s so close to schools, shops, medical facilities, and more. Kippa Ring is known to be a very accommodating community, with a demographic that is split almost halfway between families and singles, so it presents a highly balanced place to work, live, and grow.  


Kippa Ring is a prime spot for commercial, retail, financial, and even local council facilities, so jobs in these fields cycle through on a regular basis. One major employment hub for the Peninsula is a small industrial area in the suburb near the shopping centres (the other is in Clontarf). This means that Kippa Ring also has a good cross section of industrial and related jobs. Remember, it’s easy enough to commute to other suburbs in North Brisbane and Brisbane City to find other forms of work.  

A general search on Seek of jobs in Kippa Ring shows available positions for grocery store attendants, administrative assistants, marketing officers, support coordinators, medical technologists, bookkeepers, practice managers, health therapists, teachers, support workers, paralegals, property managers, bus drivers, consultants, contract administrators, technical officers, and more.  


Kippa Ring has always been a great place for schools, with educational institutions that have a very long and illustrious history. This includes both public and private facilities. For example, Hercules Road State School was opened in 1976. The school has since expanded to become one of the biggest in the region, with an extensive tradition of academic and athletic success.  

Some of the public schools in Kippa Ring:  

  • Kippa Ring State School: Prep to Year 6. 
  • Hercules Road State School: Year 7 to Year 12.  

A number of private schools in and near Kippa Ring:  

  • Southern Cross Catholic College: Prep to Year 12. 
  • Grace Lutheran Primary School (Clontarf): Prep to Year 6.  
  • Mueller College: Prep to Year 12. 

Kippa Ring is also a popular location for early learning, offering numerous options ranging from  early learning facilities to cosy neighbourhood kindergartens


The climate in Kippa Ring allows you to enjoy many of the outdoor activities in the area year round. Summer daytime temperatures are around 30 °C, and you’ll enjoy long daytime hours, with sunsets as late as 6:40 pm. This means you can easily laze at the beach or go to the pool into the late afternoon, giving you more time to enjoy what you love to do best.  

Keep in mind that the fun does not have to stop come winter. Kippa Ring typically has winter temperatures of 20 °C, which are quite moderate. It’s the perfect time for a round of footie, soccer, cricket (or any other sport of your choice) at one of many of the local parks.  

Getting There and Around

If you’re travelling from northern suburbs such as North Lakes and Deception Bay, Kippa Ring is where you enter the Peninsula. Once you’re in Kippa Ring, it’s so simple to get around and enjoy all the amenities that you and your family could quite possibly want or need. But it’s good to know that there are easy routes to get you where you need to go, and these include places that are accessible by car and those that are well set-up for using public transport.  

How to get to… 

To Brisbane: Making your way from wherever you are in Kippa Ring, head to Elizabeth Avenue before crossing the Ted Smout Memorial Bridge. Continue on State Route 26, and in Deagon, turn onto M1. Use the Southern Cross Way, Airport Link, and M3 (a toll road that provides the fastest route) to get to Elizabeth Street in Brisbane CBD. In good traffic conditions, the drive should take you 37 minutes.  

To Redcliffe: From wherever you are in Kippa Ring, you may travel along Anzac Avenue to reach the centre of Redcliffe. It’s typically just a 2 minute drive.  

To the Sunshine Coast: Once you’ve passed through Rothwell and Deception Bay (by Anzac Avenue and State Route 26/Deception Bay Road, respectively), take the Burpengary exit to access the M1. You should reach the central Sunshine Coast region in around one hour, given good traffic conditions and no road accidents.  

To the Gold Coast: Proceed as instructed for Brisbane (above). After travelling on the M1, take the Pacific Motorway/M1 exit in the direction of Gold Coast. This will take you through the Gateway, which is the quickest route but has a toll. Eventually, you will take State Route 20/Southport Nerang Road exit 69 to Nerang/Surfers Paradise. Even though the drive should take 1 hour and 20 minutes, allow extra time to accommodate any delays or road issues, which can make the travel time significantly longer.  

Public Transport

These are just one or two of the many destinations you can easily get to with public transport:  

To Brisbane: Head to Kippa Ring station to get aboard the train. You can expect to reach Central Station in Brisbane in around 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

To Redcliffe: Get on the Route 680 bus at Peninsula Fair Stop B. Disembark at Anzac Avenue exit at the Redcliffe Museum station. The bus trip should take around 12 minutes.  

To plan a trip from Kippa Ring to your desired destination(s), visit Translink. 

Things to do and see around Kippa Ring 

Are you the sort of family or person who likes a lot of variety in things to do? Should you move to Kippa Ring, you will know you’ve come to the right place. Whether you enjoy chilled vibes or higher energy activities, there’s plenty around to keep up the entertainment. Let’s take a bit of a squiz at not only some places to visit next door to Kippa Ring but also some awesome attractions a little farther afield.  

Local Gems at your Fingertips     

Scarborough Beach Park: This is a truly beautiful park in Scarborough (which is just 4 km from Kippa Ring). It has a stunning array of Norfolk pines (and other trees) and is directly on the beach. The kids will love exploring the gnarled branches, which are great for climbing, hiding in, and imagining all sorts of playful scenarios. One such tree is the Gollum Tree, which is an absolute favourite for kids. Just nearby, you can enjoy a coffee, pastry, or lunch at one of the many lovely Scarborough cafes and restaurants.  

Newport Marketplace: If you’re looking for relaxation and refinement with a splash of shopping, head to Newport Marketplace, which is a newish addition to the Peninsula located in Newport. For a decadent treat that makes you feel like you’re in Paris, head to Sidoniè – Patisserie & Boulangerie. Also check out Si Baby and Quê Dining for delicious lunch and dinner fare. There’s a lovely IGA in the complex (with a real gourmet edge), plus beauty and fitness establishments. It all comes with a stunning marina outlook that refreshes the senses.  

A Fantastic Weekend Adventure    

Abbey Museum: Explore history (and even Palaeontology) at Brisbane’s Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology, located in Caboolture (35 minutes drive from Kippa Ring). The museum’s collection spans more than 500,000 years, offering an impressive range of artefacts and activities. It is also the home of the famous Abbey Medieval Festival, which is an annual event that attracts many people and is often sold out early. You can make a longer trip out of attending the museum by booking accommodation in the Caboolture area.   

Southern Moreton Bay Tourist Drive: Discover the other side of Moreton Bay on this scenic drive. The route covers 78 km of the area’s most attractive sights, which you can explore at your own pace. The drive connects Wynnum Manly to the Redlands and is ideal for those who enjoy the arts, culture, history, excellent food, and fine wine. Book a nearby stay to make the most of it!  

Thinking about other places near Kippa Ring?    

Because we’re locals, we have great insider tips on all the suburbs in our ‘hood, and our neighbours are pretty awesome, too. 

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Margate is Magic for Families

To the south is Margate, also with great beaches and parks. Highly sought after housing and a wonderful small-town vibe and only minutes from Redcliffe.

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Visit Scarborough QLD: Where Coastal Charm Meets Vibrant Living

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You Can’t Go Past Kippa Ring for Family Convenience

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