Bee Gees’ Greatest Hits Show at Redcliffe Entertainment Centre

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Written By Patricia Higgins

Audiences all around the world have been captivated by The Bee Gees’ music, and the upcoming The Best of the Bee Gees Greatest Hits Show at Redcliffe Entertainment Centre will bring with it not just the iconic songs but also the characters, colour and culture of the band’s incredible heyday. 

A new matinee called ‘Classic Hits Show’ has just been revealed, with special guests Colin ‘Smiley’ Petersen and Roslyn Loxton sharing their unique up-close-and-personal perspective.

Mr Petersen, acclaimed child actor and original Bee Gees drummer, said he treasured the opportunity to share on stage what it was truly like to live in the moment with the Gibb brothers.

“The audience finds these little anecdotes fascinating, and it was a larger than life experience that I had,” Mr Petersen said. 

The Best of the Bee Gees Greatest Hits Show stars globally seasoned musicians in creator/producer Evan Webster (Barry Gibb), Russell Davey (Robin Gibb), Greg Wain (Maurice Gibb), Ralph Muller (on guitar), Brad Poole (on bass) and Greg Loxton (on drums).

Lesley Evans, Barry Gibb’s sister, called the musical performances “so tastefully done” and “absolutely brilliant,” with the show charting the Bee Gees’ story from the disco vibes of the 1960s to their revival of fame after a fifteen-year hiatus. 

“Barry Gibb handed me such wonderful songs, and there’s a legacy to keep going here – the fact that they (the performers) are such lovely guys is a bonus,” Mr Petersen said. 

The show is undoubtedly epochal on many levels, as it celebrated its silver anniversary year on the road last year, playing in Australia’s major and most prestigious venues to overwhelmingly positive reviews.

In soon performing in the place where he spent some of his most formative years (living on Eveline Street in Margate, where he attended Humpybong State School and travelled to Brisbane to hone his drumming skills), Mr Petersen said, “There’s that sense that the big wheel is turning”. 

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The Best of the Bee Gees

  • Saturday, 17 August, 2.30pm-4.50pm and Sunday, 18 August, 8.00 PM-10.20pm
  • Redcliffe Entertainment Centre
  • Downs Street, Redcliffe.

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